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Little Xeno-Chemistry:
(If The Bot Was a Socialist)
//Když by byl bot socialista
2018 - Simulation (C # in Unity)

The LX-Ch has two parallel layers. The first layer is appropriation / modification of the text Civilization at the Crossroads (R. Richta et al 1966), with a high occurrence of the word "society", which I replaced with string "Artificial Intelligence", thereby creating an uncanny dehumanizing atmosphere. Human is still present in the text, but the goal is the development of the machine.

Given the time of the Civilization at the Crossroads (1966), the book shows typical links about the development of socialist society, replaced by socialist artificial intelligence. Thus, not only is the text updated, today's technological and social debate, but also the subversive question after the process of dehumanization. The question of what happens if we discard society completely from discourse about human and civilization.

The second layer of LX-Ch is a reference to generated gaming environments. Where we generate our own map of the world (Civilization, Heroes of Might and Magic, Age of Empires, etc..). Two screens count the generation of the world and the generation of society. The number is infinitely approaching 100% over time, according to the hyperbolic function: :*x)%2F(x+%2B+100)+from+0+to+3600 where x are seconds. The image is created in c # in the Unity engine. Conceptually, I chose an image that is live, created with the help of the game engine, but completely removes the viewer's interaction or input.

Perfect Strike: After Vita Activa 2018

Computer Game installation

Mesh print 203x136, 4k Video 40:00

Do you ever imagine a world without your body? Perfect Strike is game about work, a cognitive test of the future. Nowadays, like in games, objects become their own goal for which we create ours tools and equipment. The game mechanic is a series of questions freely based on the Hannah Arendt's Human Condition.

Perfect Time 2017

Slow-motion HD video 15:17

Family car ride; audio from racing computer game Dirt Rally; sentences from Swann‘s way containing words road or ride

Sugar - Hydroxylamine 2017

4K Video installation 06:26

Sugar, mattress, fan, video, space.

Split Time 2017

2 Channel Hd Video installation

Spend Your Day Right 2016

2 Channel Hd Video 06:23

Re Time 2016

Hd Video 03:19

Sustainable Time 2016

Hd Video 04:04

Melting Butter 2016

Hd Video 11:16

Mediated Time 2016

Put on the headphones. Close your eyes and walk slowly up and down the stairs.
Count one hundred steps.

Hidden microphone reproduces the ambient sound of stairs.

Untitled (In the Studio) 2016

Ai WeiWei replica. Unaccesible webpage on You can acces this page only from this print.

Some of my Friends are Killers 2016

Hd Video 38 min.
Six takes of my friends, playing military simulation Arma. I have made three different game scenarios derived from my idea of battle. Each take ends with death of a friend.

Rooms / Pokoje 2015

Installation is composed of spatial drawing of archetypal room (Iron construction in dimensions 400 cm x 220 cm x 220 cm), video screened on tow canvas and three channel audio with ambient takes from six rooms of mine friends, six interviews and ambient take from my window.

Video is a collage of takes of the rooms where six of my friends live in, it is composed to form abstract labyrinth which resembles archetypal house. In the interwievs I asked several questions about the place in the private rooms, where my friends stay most of the time. The answers form only orientation in the space and time of the installation. Answers go mostly like this: „I stay mainly in my bed. .. It‘s natural place to be.“ or „I may, I may have no specified place...“

Orientation is shattered by asynchronous time (audio in the headphones, video projected on canvas). The viewer is forced to thread his own story and spatial concept of the house. All the articles in the single rooms have a strong personal context connected with their hidden residents.

Taking a Short Nap 2014

Installation composed of sound and video. Taking a Short Nap thematizes direct emotional experience of the viewer. Viewer climbs on two wooden stairs spaced along the wall, from whom he listens to the sound takes played from headohones above the stairs.

Some Of My Friends Talking About Art 2014

Hd Video 43:31

Three channel video installation. Six takes of interviews with my friends (approx. 7 minute each). We were individually talking about basic questions connected with art practice.

IMPORT/EXPORT (Monolity A, B) 2013

„ This term export derives from the conceptual meaning as to ship the goods and services out of
the port of a country. „

„ Import is derived from the conceptual meaning as the goods and services into the port of a
country. „

Monoliths A and B: Inner construction of two monoliths is made from two polystyren blocks EPS 70 F - 250 mm, dimensions polystyren blocks 500 x 1000 mm.

Ulysses 2012

Digital collage

Dance 2011

digital photography

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